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Welcome to HealthFirst University -- where our brokers are nice, but their knowledge is nicer. We know that knowledge is power, and when it comes to the power of expert insurance knowledge, we’re more than willing to share.

Being “insurance smart” is not just about getting the best group health insurance plan and accessing the best employee benefits and wellness programs for your team -- although those things are very important, and our benefit management services will surely help you achieve them. But you also need to educate yourself and your employees on the best practices of strategic, cost-effective health insurance. This means knowing how to handle those irksome insurance issues that seem to pop up when your schedule is at its busiest -- the questions like, “How does going to the Urgent Care facility instead of the Emergency Room when I cut my finger at 8 p.m. impact my paycheck?” that you don’t quite know how to answer ... yet.

HealthFirst utilizes MAP (Medical Assistance Programs) to cut costly insurance at the root of the issue, by combating the all-too-common "I don't know." By taking advantage of our ongoing educational programs, your employees learn ways to make smarter and healthier lifestyle decisions that, ultimately, save you money. Your team also meets directly with a health care specialist who points them to the best providers within your existing network.

Yes, it's true -- to cut costs and enhance benefits, you need to know how to navigate the sometimes-turbulent sea of insurance. But take a deep breath -- you’re not stranded out at sea alone. With HealthFirst University, you and your employees get the insurance know-how you need to make small “insurance smart” decisions every day and start saving big.



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